Felix Schmidt - consultant and trainer for strategic communication

About Felix Schmidt

My name is Felix Schmidt, I have been consulting companies and NGOs in the field of strategic communication for many years. In the course of this consulting, more and more tools and guides were created, which I offer for training purposes.

My career path began in journalism, later I switched to corporate communications. After working in startups and companies, I founded the B2B digital agency rethink digital in 2014. Over the years, I then added consulting and training for in-house communications departments.

I look forward to hearing from you via email or on LinkedIn.

Vision: my why

Free markets are conversations about the best solutions for the challenges of our time. Communication builds bridges between supply and demand and clarifies all issues that arise transparently, honestly and sustainably.

Mission: my how

I enable those responsible in companies, NGOs and agencies to really communicate strategically – and thereby make advertising superfluous.

Methods: my what

The DNA of my consulting and training is the Communication Canvas, an effective and efficient tool for developing, implementing and optimizing strategic communication.

Strong brands create trust