Zahlreiche Journalisten interessieren sich für die Chefin eines Unternehmens und dessen Angebote
Great ideas deserve attention

Take your strategic communication to a whole new level!

Zahlreiche Journalisten interessieren sich für die Chefin eines Unternehmens und dessen Angebote

Consulting, training, and tools
for strategic communication

Reach the right ones

Find the right target groups and create real added value for recipients.

Sharpen your messages

Convince with authentic storytelling and create lasting change.

Realize your purpose

Combine strategy and creativity for maximum impact of your communication.

Simply communicate better

Communication professionals in companies, NGOs, or agencies, will find everything they need for strategic communication, from workshops focusing on specific topics to regular coaching and consulting, free tools, and guides.

Experienced trainer and consultant Felix Schmidt has carefully curated or developed all the formats and tools.

The content of this website is specifically aimed at advanced or professional communicators in corporations, companies, organizations, and agencies.

Ein Trainer erklärt strategische Kommunikation am Flipchart

In the service of strong brands

Communication Canvas

Communication Canvas

The Communication Canvas helps you to develop your communication strategy, implement it in your organization and optimize all your processes accordingly.

I have developed the Communication Canvas directly from practical experience and optimized it over many years. The tool is available to everyone free of charge and is now used by hundreds of companies, NGOs, and agencies.

Communication Canvas

Tools for communication professionals

Carefully curated tools and methods to help communicate strategically

Communication Persona

A practical tool for determining target and reference groups – adapted to the requirements of strategic communication.

Brand Awareness Pyramid

Define your brand as a sender in strategic communication – consistently from the perspective of the recipient or customer.

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