Communication Tools

Tools und Canvases helfen bei der Strategieentwicklung für Unternehmenskommunikation

Tools are indispensable for the development, implementation and optimization of strategic communication. Tried-and-tested tools help you make the right decisions, coordinate better within the team and keep clients better informed.

On this page you will find various tools listed, all of which have proven themselves in practice. Most of the tools I have developed myself, others from third parties I may provide here as a recommendation.

Communication Canvas

The Communication Canvas is the central tool for developing, implementing and optimizing strategic communication.

I developed the Canvas directly from practical experience. Hundreds of companies, NGOs and agencies have already downloaded it.

Das Communication Canvas befähigt als Werkzeug Entwicklung, Umsetzung und Optimierung von strategischer Kommunikation

Communication Persona

A practical tool for determining target and reference groups – adapted to the requirements of strategic communication.

Brand Awareness Pyramid

Define your brand as a sender in strategic communication – consistently from the perspective of the recipient or customer.