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Communication Persona

The Communication Persona canvas by Felix Schmidt for defining target groups in strategic communication
Mit dem Communication Persona Canvas lassen sich aus diesen unterschiedliche Menschen Zielgruppen für die strategische Kommunikation ermitteln

A persona for strategic communication

Understanding target groups as precisely as possible is essential in corporate communication. The concept of the so-called buyer persona has become established in marketing and business model development.

However, in order to make this concept usable for strategic communication, we need to expand it significantly. The Communication Persona is a tool developed specifically for this purpose.

Mit dem Communication Persona Canvas lassen sich aus diesen unterschiedliche Menschen Zielgruppen für die strategische Kommunikation ermitteln

The Communication Persona

Define your Communication Persona with the following eight topics or questions:

Target group persona

Hard facts (optional)

  • (B2C): gender, education, income, family status
  • (B2B): job position, influence in the company, qualifications


  • What core values does the persona base their life on?
  • What action maxims does she derive from them?


  • What tasks does the persona have to perform that could be supported by the sender’s products, services or communication?


  • What prevents the persona from completing their tasks?
  • What does the persona want to avoid?
  • What is the persona worried about?


  • What does the persona want to achieve with their tasks?
  • What (economic, social, emotional) effects does the persona hope to achieve by completing their tasks?

Relationship between sender and target group


  • Why is the target group reachable at all?
  • How easy is it to reach the target group?
  • How far away is the target group?


  • Why is the target group willing to receive communication measures at all?
  • How much or how often is the target group willing to receive communication measures?


  • Why can communication influence the behavior of the target group at all?
  • How much can communication impact the target group’s behavior?

The most important questions and answers about the tool

Die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten zum vorgestellten Kommunikationstool
What is the Communication Persona used for?2023-11-26T15:19:59+01:00

With the Communication Persona in the form of a canvas, you can define target and reference groups for strategic communication. This gives the communication strategy a customer focus – or more precisely, a recipient focus.

What distinguishes the Communication Persona from other persona models?2023-11-26T15:20:38+01:00

In contrast to many other persona models, the Communication Persona focuses on emotional and psychological aspects of behavior. In addition, appropriate attention is paid to the accessibility and influenceability of the persona or target group, as these are key factors for strategic communication.

What can I achieve with the Communication Persona?2023-11-26T15:20:21+01:00

One or more Communication Personas that are as clearly defined as possible help us to align communication measures with the target group. This increases our chances of being noticed and having an impact.

The tool as part of the Communication Canvas

A good definition of target groups is an essential part of the strategic orientation of communication. This is why the Communication Persona is a perfect tool for working with the Communication Canvas. The target and reference groups developed with the Communication Persona can then be used in the canvas to link them to the other four aspects of a communication strategy.

Zielgruppen sind einer der wichtigsten Aspekte im Communication Canvas

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