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Brand Awareness Pyramid

The Brand Awareness Pyramid is a tool from Felix Schmidt for defining the sender in strategic communication
  • Define your brand in a structured way from the perspective of (potential) customers
  • Emphasize the development from the existing to the desired brand perception
  • Practical tool especially for strategic communication
  • Free download (also possible without registration)
Absender von strategischer Kommunikation - dargestellt mit der Brand Awareness Pyramid

The brand as sender

When companies and other organizations communicate strategically, it is important to define a suitable sender in order to reach target groups optimally.

Brand awareness – the perception of the brand by the recipients of communication – plays a key role here.

With the Brand Awareness Pyramid, you can develop and hierarchize various aspects of your brand perception in a structured way and make them usable for communication. And all of this consistently from the perspective of the target groups.

Absender von strategischer Kommunikation - dargestellt mit der Brand Awareness Pyramid

The Brand Awareness Pyramid

Define your sendership on the basis of eight questions and eight aspects:

Visibility (first level)

  • Through what are we perceived?
  • When are we perceived?
  • Where are we perceived?
  • By whom are we perceived?

Differentiability (second level)

  • How are we perceived?
  • How do we distinguish ourselves from others?

Uniqueness (third level)

  • What makes us distinctive?
  • What makes us inimitable?

Relevant aspects

  • Products and services
  • Promise of quality
  • Satisfaction of needs
  • Emotions
  • Social connections
  • Values
  • Promise of a better life

What do we need to get to the next level?

The most important questions and answers about the tool

Die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten zum vorgestellten Kommunikationstool
What is the Brand Awareness Pyramid used for?2024-01-30T09:32:12+01:00

With the Brand Awareness Pyramid, you can work out the (desired) perception of your brand in a structured way. The tool helps you to consistently look at your brand from the perspective of target groups (= potential customers).

What can I achieve with the Brand Awareness Pyramid?2024-01-30T09:32:40+01:00

The Brand Awareness Pyramid has two main objectives:

  1. you define not only the status quo of your brand perception – but also the desired or targeted brand awareness and the steps required to achieve it.
  2. you develop a perspective on your brand that is explicitly suitable for strategic communication.
What distinguishes the Brand Awareness Pyramid from similar tools?2024-01-30T09:33:08+01:00

A wide variety of tools for developing and evaluating brands can be found under the keyword Brand Pyramid. However, these mostly focus on “technical” aspects such as logos, colors, etc.

There is also the Awareness Pyramid by David A. Aaker from 1991, which, however, measures brand awareness purely quantitatively, i.e. only whether the brand is recognized, known, or even preferred.

The tool within the Communication Canvas

A good definition of the sender or sender group is part of every communication strategy. After all, not every target group can be reached (equally well) by the same people or organizational units.

When working with the Communication Canvas, the Brand Awareness Pyramid is a tool that helps to define your own organization or brand(s) as the sender.

Der Absender ist einer der wichtigsten Aspekte im Communication Canvas

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